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How it works

Our professional team developed cigincome.com affiliate program to create a successful platform for webmasters to start and promote a new business. Here you can find a convenient system and the highest commission rates possible. You can launch your own cigarette online store and start to earn money offering your customers wide range of top selling cigarette brands at competitive prices. Or you can just upload our links or banners and send your traffic to us, getting 22% commission from every customer sent by you.

Here are the instructions to start a mutual business with us:

  1. First register at our website. Our support representatives will contact you within the shortest time possible.
  2. Select the most appropriate banner, link and send your traffic to us.
  3. Start making MONEY on every customer sent by you!

That's it!

Our company offers the highest commission rates you can ever find on the Internet. A vast database of high profit cigarette brands is at your disposal!
As any other affiliate network, our company is fully responsible for entire shopping process, handling shipping, customer support, mail tracking and real-time statistics. As to promotion of your website, there is the only one restriction – the use of SPAM is prohibited. Everything else is completely fine with us!