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General Questions
How can I join Cigincome affiliate program?
A: All you need is to create your personal account by completing our simple Registration Form. As soon as your account is approved, you will get access to your personal Cigincome Panel where you can manage your personal shops, see your orders, set prices and much more in order to be successful in your business.
Q: In which country should I live to become a member of Cigincome affiliate program?
A: You can live in any country of the world.
Q: How quick my account will be approved?
A: Accounts are usually approved in 24-48 hours after registration.
Q: How does your Affiliate system work?
A: After you started sending traffic to us, we track down all orders made by your customers. We pay you 22% commission from every customer you sent.
Q: What if I already have an online store?
A: If you already have your own online store you can send your traffic to us and get 22% commissions from every order made by your customer.
Q: Can my account be terminated?
A: Yes. Your account will be terminated with loss of all your future payments in case of violation of our Terms & Conditions. These conditions may include spam policy, illegal websites, credit card fraud or use of marketing methods that could cause complaints or danger to Cigincome affiliate program. If you do not violate our Terms & Conditions, your account will never be terminated.
Financial Questions
Q: Can I set up prices on products in my affiliate store?
A: No. Retail prices are set up as a default at our website.
Q: How do I get my commission and when?
A: We pay out every week on Friday. Information on minimum amount and methods of payout is presented below.
Q: How do you calculate my commission?

A: We pay out 22% commission from all orders made by your customers.

The commission formula is: YOUR PROFIT = RETAIL PRICE*22%

Q: What's the minimum amount of payout?

A: Minimum amount for WebMoney and Paypal is $100.

Minimum amount for wire transfer is $500.

Q: In what currency do you make payouts?
A: We pay only in US dollars
Q: Which methods of payment do you use to pay commission?

A: Currently we offer the following methods of payment: Wire Transfer, WebMoney and PayPal.

For VIP partners we offer Payout-on-Demand feature: you can get paid anytime you need. To become VIP partner you will have to make 30+ sales/day for a period of 2 months.

Q: Do you charge any costs for payouts?

A: Yes. We charge the following costs for payouts:

Webmoney – 2%

Paypal- 2%

Wire transfer – $50