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About us

CigIncome is your key to success. This is a mutually beneficial relationships we are working on here, and starting from this point, we will only succeed.
If both of us do the best to develop this business, there is no way we couldn't prosper. The richer you become, the more orders we get. This is direct correlation! Therefore our company strives to meet all your needs for your business boost:

  • We provide you with wide range of top selling cigarette brands so you can offer your customers a great choice of products that are always in demand!
  • The payouts are always done in a timely manner. You get 22% commission from every customer sent by you. Isn't it a good opportunity to live your dream?
  • Not enough? How about a constantly growing choice of banners to meet your every need!
  • And if that is not sufficient? Then how about full control over the website, comprehensive statistics and highly professional customer support team?

All the above is about Cigincome.com, a place where you can start making good money!
Cigincome.com – your opportunity to launch cigarette online store of your own!